Apocalypse Research Collective &  Forensic Architecture

Group exhibition
IMT Gallery
London, United Kingdom, 2011

Installation view ground floor, IMT Gallery

This group exhibition was ground zero for the Apocalypse Research Collective and Forensic Architecture, both multidisciplinary research groups based at Goldsmiths, University of London, consisting of musicians, theorists, filmmakers, architects artists.

The exhibition presented on-site interventions (performances, screenings, audiovisual documentation, artist talks, and public discussion session) in the vicinity of  London’s contemporary art gallery IMT.

  Sonospheres composed by Renata Mandić                 

Schizo-Transmissions Funzine

London, United Kingdom, 2011

Contributors: Joey Ryken, Josie Bowler, Nicola Roe, Renata Mandić, Sunghee Kim, Shoshone Johnson, Daisy Hyde, and Sandra Odette.

Schizo-Transmissions Fanzine is an anthology by Apocalypse Research Collective that features a collection of selected writings and contributions by contemporary artists, writers and thinkers, who are members of the collective. The thematic journal refers to the posable apocalypses, and it was published in December, 2011. Shortly after Apocalypse Research Collective presented the exhibition as part of their public programming at the IMT, London, accompanied by symposia on the same theme.

Download a copy. ︎︎︎

Salt Grain

Arthouse Film
London, United Kingdom, 2011
Winner of GSFF Best International Contemporary Soundtrack 2013

Directed by Duška Zagorac
Sound design by Renata Mandić


Group exhibition
Sebastian Gallery
Dubrovnik Old City, Croatia, 2009
Curated by Renata Mandić
Exhibiting artists:
Daniel Sanvald
Laboratorio Donà
Tomislav Zidar

Installation view, Sebastian Gallery ©Sonny Vandevelde

©Laboratorio Donà

Daniel Sanvald ©Sonny Vandevelde

Sonic Hologram

Multichannel sound works
Apiary Studios, London, United Kingdom, 2011
Sonospheres composed by Renata Mandić

Installation view, Apiary Studios ©Renata Mandić

Sonosphere except for Human Fiction Tartini deep listening sessions.

Dubrovnik Fashion Week International

Fashion event
Dubrovnik Old City, Croatia, 2009 & 2010
Directed and co-founded by Renata Mandić


Experimental film
A Shaded View on Fashion Film (ASVOFF)
Centre Pompidou-Metz, France
Barbican Centre, London, United Kingdom, 2013

Directed by Konstantinos Menelaou & George Tsioutsias.
Make-up by Renata Mandić

Rouge & Moving Targets

Photography & single-channel video installation
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2005
Part of the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum Collection
Directed by Erwin Olaf
Make-up artist: Renata Mandić

Exhibitions ︎︎︎
2010 - Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel
2010 - Cinema X: I Like to Watch, MOCCA, Museum of Contemporary  Canadian Art, Toronto - Ontario, Canada
2009 - Mimefestival, Chooncheongbuk, South Korea
2008 - Reelout Queer film and video festival, Kingston, Canada
2008 - Available Light Screening Collective, Ottowa, Canada
2007 - European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck, Germany
2007 - FRESH Festival of International Video Art & Short Film, Bangkok, Thailand
2007 - You Wear It Well Festival, New York, United States
2007 - Antimatter Underground Film Festival, Victoria, BC, Canada
2007 - Cargö, Screening Haute Les Pays Bas, Caen, France
2007 - International Short Film/Video Festival, Bangkok, Thailand
2007 - exground Filmfestival, Wiesbaden, Germany
2007 -  Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Zürich, Switzerland
2007 - Pantheon, experimental film en video-festival, Nicosia, United State


Issue # 10
Folding folio, illustrated, 40 p, distributed worldwide.
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2003
Inez van Lamsweerde/Vinoodh Matadin
Anuschka Blommers/Niels Schumm
Viviane Sassen
Wolfgang Tillmans
Terry Richardson
Make-up and hair by Renata Mandić

Re-magazine is an intresection of visual culture and editorial experimentation. Each issue is about the life of one person.
Issue # 10 of Re-Magazine is dedicated to Claudia who served as a construction to talk about (an exaggeration of) positive qualities. People were interviewed about being tall, successful, happy, beautiful, intelligent etc. and this research material was combined and re-written into Claudia's radiant monologue.
Claudia is an extraordinary woman from Berlin. Her overwhelming height of 1m98 (6'5”) and dazzling charisma make her a woman who is almost too big for this ...

Some of the research and content of Claudia re-appears in: Uta/Lauren - Lauren/Uta.
Double sided collage; Andy Warhol's Interview from 1973 and Re-Magazine.


Amsterdam, Netherlans, 2003
Photographic print on canvas, oil on canvas
100 x 70 x 3 cm

"There is a fatality about all physical and intellectual distinction, the sort of fatality that seems to dog through history the faltering steps of kings. It is better not to be different from one's fellows. The ugly and the stupid have the best of it in this world. They can sit at their ease and gape at the play. If they know nothing of victory, they are at least spared the knowledge of defeat. They live as we all should live, undisturbed, indifferent, and without disquiet. They neither bring ruin upon others, nor ever receive it from alien hands. Your rank and wealth, Harry; my brains, such as they are - my art, whatever it may be worth; Dorian Gray's good looks - we shall all suffer for what the gods have given us, suffer terribly."

The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde, London 1966, p.19.

Le Dix Parfumes

Fashion film
Amsterdam, Nrtherlands, 2005

Comission by Dutch Fashion Faundation for Oscar Suleiman.
Make-up by Renata Mandić

Nieuw! Statements in Dutch Imagary 

Group Exhibition
The Musee Galleria, Paris, France, 2004
Art Directors Club, New York, United States, 2004
Photography by Viviane Sassen
Make-up & hair by Renata Mandić
Commissioned by the Fashion Institute Arnhem

Intearnational Theatre Amsterdam 

Volkskrant Magazine
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2004
Photography by Viviane Sassen
Hair and make-up by Renata Mandić


Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2005
Photography by Erwin Olaf
Make-up artist: Renata Mandić

Dutch Film Festival

Silver Jubileee commission
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2005
Artistic Diresction hair and makeup by Renata Mandić

Rude. Portraits of the State 

Exhibition & photo book publication
The Hague Museum of Photography
The Hague, Netherlands, 2004
Photographer: Ruud van der Peijl
Make-up artist: Renata Mandić

Portraits of State at the Hague Museum of Photography: formal studio portraits of Dutch celebrities and tv personalities featuring Nicky Boulton-Hooft & Lauren Hooft, Marc Bijl, Suzanne Klemann, Regilio Tuur, Jakob Krabbe, Bas Kosters and many others.

The exhibition was guest curated by Jhim Lamoree, art critic for newspaper Het Parool, and was accompanied by a book entitled Rude for wich he wrote s preface.
Published by Terra, € 22.95.

Golden Boy series featuring Jakob Krabbé, the youngest member of the Krabbé artistic dynasty, inspired by somewhat blurred image of a glitter-strewn Iggy Pop, five minutes after meeting Bowie.


Photographic exhibition & book publication
Smelik & Stokking Gallery
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2004
Photography by Carli Hermés
Make-up by Renata Mandić


Amsterdam, Netherland, 2005
Photography by Wendelien Daan
Make-up and hair by Renata Mandić


Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2005
Photography by Ruud van der Pijl
Make-up by Renata Mandić

Hans van Kooten, Head of Fashion Design at the HKU Utrecht School of Arts, and part of Gletcher collective of five Dutch designers. 
A nod to an image of Grace Jonce on her Nightclubbing album cover.

Rails Magazine

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2005
Photographer: Koen Hauser
Stylist: Maarten Spruit
Make up artist: Renata Mandić

Rails Magazine

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2005
Photography by Ruud de Pijl
Make-up by Renata Mandić


Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2006
Original drawing & body make-up by Renata Mandić

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