Hello, I am Renata; a woman, musician, artist, storyteller, researcher, educator, cultural explorer, and  migrant.
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Some artists lead double lives exploring the intersections between visual art and musicianship to reflect the multiplicity of meanings in lieu of any official methodology. Mandić is one such transdisciplinary artist, musician, educator and researcher, exploring interactions between the aural and the visual dimensions in fine art practices, including the fields of visual and sound arts, music composition and research in sound-with particular concern in aural culture, critical theory, and politics of sound.

From her classical music lineage emerges expression through music; nevertheless, her process of creating focuses on the conversation between aesthetics, aurality, and critical thought as they relate to cultural and social discourse. Drowning the observer in sound with her politically-charged compositions and installations, Mandić insists on the personal as political to (re)tell narratives of movement and migration, of protest and emancipation; labour, care, and repair.
Work she makes emerges in different formats such as installation, sonic environment, contemporary music composition, painting, sculpture, or text, and takes the form of published material, a social event—a performance or an exhibition. Together, such assemblage allows her to expand the boundaries, encourage experimentation, and explore creative expression through critique concerning issues around the place, embodied memory, time, and belonging.

She joined House of Orange in 1997, artist management in Amsterdam, extending her practice into an array of visual arts. Her visual esthetics are characterised by reframing conventional representations of identity, beauty, gender, and sexuality. In the proceeding decade, Mandić engaged in numerous collaborative art projects and created a substantial body of work. She worked with many internationally esteemed photographers, including Anuschka Blooms & Niels Shumm, Erwin Olaf, Viviane Sassen, Wendelien Daan, and Daniel Sannwald.

She has been frequently commissioned for magazine editorials, brand campaigns, and runway shows. List of her commissioning clients includes Dutch Film Academy, Moooi, Prins Bernard Fonds, Dutch Fashion Institute, ArtEZ in the Netherlands, and various notable international fashion houses and brands such as Stella McCartney, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Adidas, Absolut Vodka, Swarowski, G-star, and Nike, to name a few.
Her visual aesthetics have been communicated through art installations such as; Moving Targets at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Rude: Portraits of State at the Fotomuseum Den Haag, Zoom-Dutch Touch at the Galliera De La Mode in Paris, Nieuw! Statements in Dutch Imagery at the Art Directors Club In New York City, and THRUST at The Centre Pompidou, to name a few.

Mandić grew up in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, respectively, and studied classical music at the Music Academy Undergraduate program in Sarajevo, focusing on voice and piano. Amid a heated civil war in former Yugoslavia, she left her home country, arriving in Amsterdam in 1992. She auditioned successfully at the HKU Music Conservatory in Utrecht in 1993, where she continued her training in operatic singing under the tutorship of coloratura soprano Marianne Blok. She holds a master's degree in art from Goldsmiths University in London (UK). She studied Aural and Visual Cultures under the tutorship of a British-Ghanaian writer, theorist and filmmaker Kodwo Eshun, one part of The Otolith Group and best known for his interest in the electronic mythology of sound. Her dissertation supervisor was late Mark Fisher (aka k-punk), an English philosopher, political and cultural theorist, writer, and music critic.

Mandić continues to work from her atelier and recording studio in Amsterdam.


September 2009 to July 2011
Master in Aural and Visual Culture, Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

September 2009 to July 2011
MA Research Architecture (audit only), Centre for Research Architecture Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

September 1993 to July 1997
Bachelor of Music in Classical Music, HKU Utrecht Conservatory, Utrecht School of the Arts, The Netherlands